Textbook List

Please click on the link below to determine which books are required for your classes. Unless otherwise indicated all of the textbooks listed are required for the course.  When ordering your text books, please use the ISBN number(s) provided and verify that you are ordering the correct edition.  Once you have determined which text books you need, you can search the any of the recommended sites on the right side of the page or source the text books on your own.  

Textbook List by Course Name

Textbook Vendors

Please check the textbook list for vendor information.  If no vendor information is listed, textbooks can be ordered from any of the following websites or another vendor of your choosing.  It is our hope that this will assist families in finding books that will best fit their budget. Electronic textbooks are welcome and encouraged for some classes, check the textbook list for ISBN numbers for electronic versions of the required text.  



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