Membership Process

1. The National Honor Society is a society that invites membership to first-semester seniors, all juniors and second-semester sophomores and based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The Chancellor Chapter at STMA is comprised of students who excel in all four of these areas. 

2. Students who qualify academically will receive a letter of invitation. Students who have a cumulative average of 93% are notified of their scholastic eligibility and are invited to complete and submit the Student Information Form. 

3. Faculty members are invited to evaluate the scholastically eligible students on the basis of leadership, service, and character. 

4. The Academic Affairs Committee of STMA serves as the NHS Screening Committee. It meets and reviews the following items in evaluating the applicants: 

  • Student Information Forms

  • Faculty evaluations

  • Other verifiable information about each candidate.

5. Candidates receiving a majority vote of the NHS Screening Committee will be inducted into the chapter. 


Membership Requirements

A student inducted into the Chancellor Chapter of the National Honor Society must:

1. Maintain academic standing (at least 93% academic average per quarter).

2. Present a verified service sheet indicating at least 10 hours of service per semester.       These hours may be used mutually in fulfilling both the NHS service requirement and the STMA service requirement. 

3. Attend regularly scheduled NHS meetings.

4. Participate in all activities sponsored by the Chapter and fulfill all responsibilities assigned to the Chancellor Chapter of the NHS.

5. Conduct oneself in a manner befitting an outstanding member of the student body.